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Top 25 Most Downloaded Articles in 2013. Free Access.

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Elsevier presents the 25 most popular articles of the first half of 2013 from Elsevier published journals in Soil Science . The Top 25 Articles 2013 are ranked in order of the number of full-text downloads they received from the ScienceDirect platform during the period of Jan- Jun 2013.

All articles' full-text will be freely accessible online until 31 October 2013.

1) Biochar effects on soil biota - A review

2) Soil enzymes in a changing environment: Current knowledge and future directions

3) Soil carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change

4) Assessing land cover and soil quality by remote sensing and geographical information systems (GIS)

5) Soil structure and management: a review

6) Plant growth-promoting bacteria in the rhizo- and endosphere of plants: Their role, colonization, mechanisms involved and prospects for utilization

7) Rapid urbanization in China: A real challenge to soil protection and food security

8) Organic carbon and nutrient release from a range of laboratory-produced biochars and biochar-soil mixtures

9) The use of remote sensing in soil and terrain mapping - A review

10) Effect of biochar amendment on soil carbon balance and soil microbial activity

11) The priming effect of organic matter: a question of microbial competition?

12) Soil compaction in cropping systems

13) Soil invertebrates and ecosystem services

14) Toxicity of heavy metals to microorganisms and microbial processes in agricultural soils: a review

15) Responses of soil heterotrophic respiration to moisture availability: An exploration of processes and models

16) Drivers of microbial respiration and net N mineralization at the continental scale

17) The potential contribution of plant growth-promoting bacteria to reduce environmental degradation - A comprehensive evaluation

18) Positive and negative carbon mineralization priming effects among a variety of biochar-amended soils

19) A history of research on the link between (micro)aggregates, soil biota, and soil organic matter dynamics

20) Impact of biochar addition to soil on greenhouse gas emissions following pig manure application

21) Carbon-nutrient stoichiometry to increase soil carbon sequestration

22) Soil physical quality - Part I. Theory, effects of soil texture, density, and organic matter, and effects on root growth

23) How strongly can forest management influence soil carbon sequestration?

24) Electrical resistivity survey in soil science: a review

25) Biochar-mediated changes in soil quality and plant growth in a three year field trial